R&D International

R&D International

R&D International NV is a company located in Belgium, specialized in the research and development of both hardware and software for the lighting & video industry. Since the beginning, the young team worked tight with
experienced light & video designers in order to create the most advanced equipment in the industry today. Our consoles and experience in this field grew in time and we are always open to the needs of this market and we always try to be one step ahead the competition.

The products developed by R&D International NV speak for themselves, their power, ease of use, stability and versatility have made them popular to be used as the main control system for concerts, TV-shows, disco clubs, theme parks and any indoor or outdoor shows that involves moving lights and/or media servers. Well designed Graphical User Interfaces are one of the keys to this success together with reliable hardware which needs to work 24/7.

Our main distribution channel since 1996 Martin professional from Denmark, the market leader in the lighting industry, acquired R&D International NV in 2008. The Belgian R&D Team is now one of the four Martin R&D teams, aside from Denmark (HQ), England and China development. The team in Belgium continues developing the light & media controllers.

We got in touch with MediaNet Vlaanderen through the Maxedia media servers, capable of running 8 HD-streams simultaneously from harddisk or from Live HD-SDI / DVI input cards in very low latency. The latest product in this media server range is specialized towards sports.

One of the highlights in 2010 was the use of these Sport-systems on the FIFA World Cup as ‘the’ LED banner controller on the football fields. The main task there was to make a fail-safe environment, and to make the LED-banners to look as good as possible on camera, while weather and sun conditions changed the parameters constantly.

Situering lidmaatschap
As we are in a constant search for the best performance for our video playback and the codecs which we use in our systems, MediaNet Vlaanderen can be one of the channels to gather this information and networking to follow the trends and technology.