develops a personal online shopping assistant that helps you to ‘find without searching‘ based on a proprietary developed matching algorithm. The technology allows to have better search results for consumers and better leads for sellers, which will lead to a higher conversion ratio.

Its main advantages are to give a faster and more complete offer to customers and to result in more efficient advertising spending for retailers. It is a demand-based worldwide marketplace with categories that, until now, were fragmented or didn’t exist yet.

We have 3 types of customers:

  • Buyers (B2C) get free access to the complete market offer. Resulting in a personalized matching result based on their consumer profile.
  • Suppliers/Vendors (B2B) get a more targeted access to consumers and consumer data.
  • Classifieds Sites (B2B2C) can integrate our algorithm in order to present more relevant and customer oriented products and services to their online users with as a result a higher conversion rate and better customer insights.
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