MediaNet Flanders, founded in 1994, unites more than 60 companies that are actively engaged with content and innovation in the media. It is the most representative and strongest network of Flanders in the media sector. MediaNet brings companies and governments closer together to tackle the problems and challenges of a rapidly evolving and ICT-driven media market.

Since 2003, MediaNet Flanders is officially recognized by the IWT and the Flemish Innovation Partnership (VIS). The association will have the necessary resources to anticipate even more intense and faster on some very specific and important tasks in the Flemish media event.

In 2007, this recognition was extended as Thematic Innovation Incentive (TIS) project entitled “Media, Society & Market M & Medianet Project. This project aims to assist the media in gathering information about the technological possibilities, social developments and successful media applications in a global perspective. It also will help to apply this knowledge in practice and to internationalize.
MediaNet Flanders expertise and philosophy

MediaNet believes that the transfer of knowledge and experience between its members can contribute to the further growth and development of these companies. As a cross-media consultation platform, MediaNet wants to support, inform and form its members. The organization will provide a basis for innovation through consultation and networking. That’s why she carries the values of openness, passion and results of paramount importance.
MediaNet Flanders network

Thanks to a newsletter with an events calendar, brochures, a website, etc. MediaNet reaches diverse companies within the media sector. The aim is to inform and involve them in the various trends within the sector, through support, information, consultation and networking. Additionally, MediaNet is the contact for both the Flemish and the federal government.
MediaNet Flanders knowledge formation

As the most representative media network for Flanders, MediaNet pays attention to the diversity of its members. We associate as many companies as possible from the various ranks of the media event. This cross-pollination will enhance the development and innovation potential of its members. Moreover MediaNet also provides more training packages and working groups, to better highlight specific aspects of the various subsectors.
MediaNet Flanders as a service

MediaNet not only brings together major media companies, the organization also promotes contacts between the companies through member meetings and events. One of the main objectives of MediaNet is to allow its members to develop innovations and to submit projects individually or mutually. The network supervises these projects and helps to get through the IWT IBBT, Interreg, et al, to obtain several possibilities and financial resources.