Nieuwsbrief OpenTelly: Release THEOplayer 1.6

New THEOplayer Release, Clipping, Multiple Audio Renditions, MPEG-DASH, …

It has been a very happy, very busy start of the New Year here at OpenTelly. Read about what we have been doing lately in the first 2016 newsletter: The release of THEOplayer 1.6 with exciting new features such as Clipping and Multiple Audio. Also check out the case study with Hudl, a leading sports and technology company, and the technical blog post we recently published about Content Protection with AES-128 Encryption.

Furthermore, over the last months, our product team developed the most lean and mean MPEG-DASH player in the industry! It is build from the ground up, with our experience in multi-platform HLS playback in HTML5 in mind. Do you need a fully HTML5 based playback solution including DRM support? Join our MPEG-DASH program today!

Last but not least, we want to say thanks to our clients and partners for their continuing enthusiasm and support! We hope that you enjoy hearing all about our newest updates. In case you have some questions or remarks, do not hesitate to let us know!