18 september 2020

Belgian Broadcast Day

10u00 - 22u00

Experience technological innovation to help you produce and distribute audiovisual content more efficiently then ever before!

Last year has been a year of many challenges for most audiovisual companies.

We have been forced to radically rethink the way we capture, produce and distribute audiovisual content.

However, this need to innovate has been tackled in a very bold, daring and original way by audiovisual companies, striving to unlock new possibilities to create media.

On September 18, a number of audiovisual companies will give you an overview of products and projects they developed to provide you with all the tools you need to safely, creatively and efficiently create audiovisual content.

Not only will they showcase their innovations, during the day you will have the possibility to arrange one-on-one meetings with each and every presenter, giving you the possibility to learn which tools best suit you and your company.

Herbekijk hier alle presentaties!


Optimising media workflows

10u00 – 10u15: Heynen

10u15 – 10u30: Black Box

10u30 – 10u45: VP Media Solutions

10u45 – 11u00: Limecraft

11u00 – 11u15: DPG Media

11u15 – 11u30: Tinkerlist

11u30 – 11u45: Harmonic

11u45 – 12u00: Sony

12u00 – 12u55 Break

12u55 – 13u00 Welcome

Move to IP

13u00 – 13u15: EVS

13u15 – 13u30: LAWO

13u30 – 13u45: Riedel

13u45 – 14u00: Studiotech

14u00 – 14u15: Panasonic

14u15 – 14u30: Arista Networks

14u30 – 14u45 Break

Optimise and monitor your data

14u45 – 15u00: CN Rood

15u00 – 15u15: Mediagenix

15u15 – 15u30: Grass Valley

15u30 – 15u45: VRT Innovatie

15u45 – 16u00: één – Ketnet