Connect to protect at Infosecurity.be

Brussels Expo becomes the pulse point of the security during Infosecurity.be on 23 & 24 March. As more data and business processes move online, organisations are constantly challenged to protect websites and infrastructure without sacrificing performance for security. Infosecurity.be tackles the current IT security issues and is a must for every IT professional in Belgium. Boost your knowledge and connect to protect!

Akamai will be hosting a session on Bot Management. Websites provide online businesses with an unprecedented level of contact with customers and end- users. However, they also place business information where it can be easily accessed by other external actors – often using automated bots.

Regardless of business impact, bot traffic can reduce site performance for legitimate users and increase web infrastructure costs. Organisations need a flexible framework to better manage their interaction with different categories of bots and the impact that bots have on their business and IT infrastructure.

Learn all about it in this hands-on workshop by senior solutions engineer Tim Vereecke. The session will be held in theatre 8 at 12.00 o’clock on both days. We would like to invite you as our personal guest.

Register today! We look forward to welcoming you on our stand 03.A024.

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