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THEOplayer OpenTellySpring Updates: Azure Media Services Partnership, faster ABR, VPAID 2.0 and preloading

April has certainly been an exciting month for the THEOplayer team. Our biggest highlight was our newly established partnership with Microsoft Azure Media Services that will enable our joint customers to benefit from a complete end-to-end solution. The partnership was announced during the NAB Show in Las Vegas where OpenTelly was exhibiting.

Make it faster. That was a motto we have been been focusing on as well. The result? Faster adaptive bitrate streaming that allows you and your viewers to enjoy smooth and stable video streaming without interruptions.

For advertisers and publishers, we can now offer support for VPAID 2.0 that will make it easy for you to show ads on all devices in HTML5.

Last but not least, we will show you how to use our new preloading API to make a smooth transition from video to video.

So, stay updated and check out our news!

THEOplayer meets Azure Media Services
THEOplayer partners with Microsoft Azure Media Services
OpenTelly and Microsoft Azure Media Services announced their joint innovation in online streaming within the cloud. The partnership allows publishers and broadcasters to benefit from cloud flexibility as well as from easy and smooth streaming in HTML5 with THEOplayer.

So head over to our landing page for Azure Media Services customers to try it out now.

THEOplayer faster ABR
Faster. Seamless. More enjoyable.

Are buffering and slow startup times trying to test your patience? Probably you know what we are talking about. In line with this month’s motto, our engineers succeeded to speed up THEOplayer’s adaptive bitrate streaming to reduce troubles with your stream.
Learn how to make your stream seamless with THEOplayer and give your nerves a break from buffering!
THEOplayer ad revenue growth
Optimize your ad revenue? 

THEOplayer’s support for VPAID 2.0 ads in HTML5makes it easy to reach viewers on all mobile and desktop devices. Letting your viewers decide on their own ad experience is not a problem anymore.Dynamic ads allow for great engagement and make sure your audience will enjoy your ad in line with their preferences.
Seamless transition between videos with pre-loading
Never disturb your viewers with long loading times between videos again. Simply provide a pre-loading functionality that allows for loading the following video while the current one is playing to make a seamless transition to the next video content.Read our blog post about tips and tricks with pre-loading capabilities.
THEOplayer Chromecast support
Reach all of your users – now also via Chromecast

Good news! THEOplayer adds support for subtitles on Chromecast. This allows users to control which subtitles are displayed on their remote Chromecast via their trusted, local player instance. THEOplayer supports subtitles embedded in HLS streams as well as static tracks embedded on the webpage.

Stream your content on a big screen!

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