Limecraft – IBC Innovation Award Content Management Finalist

Amsterdam, September 14, 2015 – Last night at the IBC Innovation Awards, Limecraft received the prestigious honor of Finalist in the Content Management category. The recognition was presented to Limecraft, AVID and dock10 for their combined efforts towards the “field dock” solution, its new remote ingest service. Launched earlier this year, ‘field dock’ is fully integrated with Avid® Interplay®.

‘field dock’ performs local card and drive media management, includes a native player, connectivity testing, supports a variety of formats and ingests over IP to dock10’s post facility or to their private cloud, accessed through a browser based web portal. In the backend, Limecraft takes care of synchronization towards Avid IP PAM and near-line storage services underneath.

The unique feature about ‘field dock’ is that it removes the bottleneck of ingesting raw material, cutting the time between shoot and edit to a strict minimum. To that purpose, ‘field dock’ creates and uploads proxies of the material while raw versions arrive in central storage, on disc or via fiber connection. Then, Limecraft automatically relinks the rough- cuts and the logging information to the original footage. The solution significantly saves on production time and ensures the safety of valuable material. Because all ‘field dock’ instances use encrypted synchronized Access Control Lists (ACL’s), the service guarantees end-to-end security.

“Limecraft is proud to be recognized as a leading service provider striving towards innovation. What an achievement! Thanks to all the hard work from the teams at dock10, Avid and Limecraft, we now provide a solution that helps producers create, manage and share great content. Successful collaboration, that is what Limecraft is all about.”Maarten Verwaest CEO Limecaft.

For press and publicity enquiries, please contact Laura Lee Schultz via +32 485 12 70 79 ll.schultz@limecraft.com or visit the Limecraft website at www.limecraft.com.

About Limecraft
Limecraft offers a comprehensive collaboration environment for film and video production, designed for maximum productivity during shoot and post-production. Producers, production facilities and broadcasters worldwide use Limecraft ‘Flow’ to build their private cloud, because our unique proxy-based approach enables them to gear up for 4k production with the least impact on their existing infrastructure.

Limecraft is affiliated with iMinds and VRT.

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