16 mei 2017

Content rules !?

09u00 - 18u00

The main team of the conference will be the future of content, in the context of content marketing, content advertising and native advertising with a focus on journalism.

To set the scene, three top-notch keynote speakers will elaborate with their specific take on the power of (editorial) content as used in content marketing, content advertising and native advertising.

Definitions, predictions, discussions and recent insights will drive these three high-level talks that will kick-off the conference with the most interesting viewpoints on the future of content, advertising & marketing.

After these keynotes, the audience can choose from 4 deep-dive sessions that will share insights on 4 topical subjects such as the results of a 2 year study on the content marketing; a session that will guide you through the 40 best books on contetn marketing matters, a session on the role & importance of editorial standards and a must-attend session on award winning advertising cases that make the difference with…content!




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